Sunday, January 15, 2012

Style Series: Professional Flair-Factor - Day 2

This past week, I ditched the frequently worn neutral palette and opted for a lot of color! I made a temporary exception to the all out matching rule and styled the outfit around these burgundy pumps.

Button Down: Banana Republic / Necklace: Guess
Skirt: Express / Shoes: Nine West
The bow and gunmetal accent make the shoes quite feminine. To harden the ensemble a bit I strung on a multi-chained necklace from Guess. The strings of pearls, rhinestones, and thin chains compliment the formality of the look, while adding a touch of edginess.

A grey ribbed skirt allowed me to fully display the pumps, and also delicately accentuated my frame. I love this about any ribbed skirt. It hugs you in all of the right places, and so long as the length is sufficient, it'll always be office appropriate.

Shoes: Nine West

Not to be a broken record, but I really can't emphasize the perks of a petite size button down enough! If you prefer the tucked-out look as I do, try venturing into the petite section. The smaller fit keeps it from looking sloppy.

Guess: Necklace

I adore a good pair of power-pumps. The open toe and bowed accent provide a polished, feminine appeal, while the sturdy thick heel and suede fabric allow you to strut through the office with comfort and ease. It's a win-win shoe choice.

So now I ask, what's your professional flair-factor?

Last Thursday my flair factor was playing with a vivid burgundy color, both on top and on bottom! It surely breaks up the sea of black and grey suits floating around the office and city streets.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

'Til Next Time,


  1. I love the shoes and I love the color - you look fab honey

  2. Gorgeous, love the pumps and the colors, what a great combination :) and such a good thing to add the necklace for a little edginess

  3. hey, you look great! I love your look! :)

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    Kisses from Perú

  5. thx for your lovely comment dear!
    love your outfit, so cute :)
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  7. GRAZIE DEI COMMENTI!! ho visitato il tuo blog mi piace veramente tanto è strutturato benissimo!
    mi unisco subito!
    Complimenti per l'outfit perfetto! stai benissimo!

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  9. loving the color combo in this outfit and those pumps are pretty darn awesome.

  10. Hey hun....regarding your question, I work in Midtown Atlanta n(by Shout) about you?

  11. Thanks for your comment! I saw the name of your blog and laughed aloud. Why can't I be clever like that? Anyhow, I sure love this outfit. The necklaces outside the button up, the pumps- great work wear:) I think we definitely shall follow each other. I'll start the process:) XO

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  14. THANKS for your comment the other day. I'm glad my humor makes you laugh as much as it makes me laugh :) Lets make this a weekly thing!

  15. the skirt is really cute!! i like this series of yours that you're doin! :)
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