Tuesday, November 29, 2011

His Side of the Closet

The day before Thanksgiving the boyfriend and I excitedly headed to our local super market to experience a relationship milestone: first time shopping for our very own Thanksgiving feast. In celebration of the momentous occasion, and because I was feeling adventurous, I ventured into his side of the closet looking for something soft and cozy. The moment my fingers touched his flannel Zara button down I knew I had found a winner.

Despite it being a fitted shirt, we were both surprised at how well it fit me! I dug through my jewelry drawer for a black bow-tie necklace I scored at Charlotte Russe ages ago. I decided to continue the androgynous trend. Go big or go home right? I threw on my very favorite pair of Guess by Marciano dark blue jeans. I've had them in storage for years due to the flared boot-cut but now I'm in love all over again. I finished the outfit off with a pair of chestnut suede Nine West heels for a touch of empowered femininity and a large studded F21 bracelet and we were out the door.

Shirt: Zara Men / Jeans: Guess by Marciano / Heels: Nine West / Bracelet: F

To make the experience even more wonderful, the grocery store already had aisles and aisles of Christmas decorations. Talk about an insta-smile. That reminds me, we have tickets to the holiday light show at the Botanical Gardens this weekend. I'm sure the photo opportunities will be plentiful!

Is it too early to wish the blogosphere happy holidays? Oh well.

Season's Greetings!

'Til Next Time,
The Fashist

Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't Rain on My [Thanksgiving] Parade!

Thanksgiving day was a joyfully-busy day in our home. It was our first one away from our families and close friends. Luckily we found a very successful way to quell our nostalgia: cook up a plethora of delicious and challenging recipes (thank you FoodNetwork.com)! We took great pride in our array of food courses. Our efforts kept the homesickness at bay.

The weather that day seemed to match our initial dispositions; damp and rainy. In light of the absence of a formal holiday dinner, I was able to be a bit more playful with my look. The weather called for boots so I gravitated towards my Charlotte Russe faux brown leather skirt to complement my Banana Republic rain boots. I paired the two chocolate brown pieces with a festive orange plaid button down from Forever 21. And finally, to give the outfit a more polished feel, I cinched my waist with a brown skinny belt.

Rain Boots: Banana Republic / Faux Leather Skirt: Charlotte Russe / Plaid Button Down: Forever 21

This faux leather skirt is one of my wardrobe favorites. It is so versatile and given the price tag ($22.00) it holds up magnificently in the washer.

Belt: Forever 21 / Bracelets: Charlotte Russe & F21 / Studded Watch: Anne Klein
I wore a lot of statement accessories to brighten up my state of mind. By the afternoon, I didn't even need the polished accessories.

Ring: Forever 21 / Leaf Necklace with stones: Forever 21 / Plain Leaf Necklace: My grandmother's necklace

The day ended perfectly with a rousing game of poker and a bottle of our favorite moscato from a vineyard we recently visited in Napa. Pictures to come soon.

I hope you all had a delicious holiday, filled with love.

'Til next time,
The Fashist

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY: Bookshelf

You know how they say one person's trash is another person's treasure? Well I'm a big fan of refurbishing something old and discarded into a new gem for your home. Plus, the extra work you put into it makes you appreciate it THAT much more. A little windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding anyone?) to remove any dirt and bacteria, some elbow grease, and a smidgen of creativity and you're set!

My recent DIY (Do it Yourself): A bookshelf for the bedroom.
Colors: A vibrant autumn red with white semi-gloss trimming.

The bedroom has a lot of warm nudes and soft browns so a pop of red is the perfect accent.

Lowes Hardware Items:
One 3 1/2 inch paintbrush & one 1 1/2 inch brush for the trimming.
One quart of Valspar Signature Hi-Def paint in "Art District" red, and one quart of white semi-gloss.
Painters Bundle Set: 1 paintbrush, painter's tape, 1 bucket and 1 drop cloth.
One flat head screwdriver.
Total Cost: $47.51
(Note: This is enough paint for two bookshelves.)

Before and after shots:

1st Picture: In the garage / 2nd. Picture: In the bedroom

I'm clearly using the shelf intended for books to hold my handbags. The majority of my bag-stash is in the City that never sleeps but I managed to transport these few down with me. This shelf is now their home.

The finish on this paint is stunning. It is a paint+primer combo so I used two coats and waited 48 hours before putting the painter's tape on.

Helpful Tip: Sand the piece of furniture down before painting it, especially if it's an older wood. Sanding it will help even out any imperfections and give you a smoother surface to paint on.

Helpful Tip #2: Use a flat-head screwdriver to carefully pry open the sides of the paint can top. To close the can just flip the screwdriver over and use the hard handle as a hammer to  firmly tap it down.

Good luck to all those working on their own DIYs!

'Til next time,
The Fashist

Monday, November 21, 2011

... And the Adventures Continue

What it is about this time of year that brings about so many domestic projects? It must be the crisper weather and increased inclination to stay in-doors. Well whatever the reason, I'm appreciative! I have book shelves to paint and a huge list of DIYs to complete. Creative outlets left and right - so necessary. I'll be sure to share before & after photos. Full disclosure: seeing other blogger's DIYs has me constantly inspired to tackle my own. Hopefully my adventures mishaps can inspire others to dive head first into their own projects!
I can explain-away my current busy hands with two words: urban withdrawal. I miss everything about my concrete jungle. The most palpable point of nostalgia: My older sister/best friend. They are one in the same... well, she is. She has the purest energy of anyone I've ever met and constantly inspires me to be the best person I can be. Do all of you out there in the blog universe (blogoverse?) have a similar someone in your lives? I hope so. If not, you will some day. All in due time.

And so I create these projects for myself to keep my home-sick heart & mind from getting the better of me. Today my wonderful partner-in-crime (some would call him a "boyfriend") ran to Lowes Hardware with me (despite looming legal memo deadlines!) to pick up a few cans of Valspar paint and brushes. It was a warm autumn day and I wanted to be comfortable so I went with my usual mix of highs & lows: bodycon skirt, loose dolman sweater and my absolute favorite Jessica Simpson knee-high brown boots. I'm a HUGE fan of bodycon skirts (esp. from F21 for $6.50) because of how perfectly they accentuate one's curves. Effortlessly cool, with a dash of sexy. Not to mention, few things are more comfortable.
Jacket: Gap / Dolman Sweater & Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21

Clutch: Nine West / Rings: Forever 21
All that being said, I'm settling in quite nicely to life in a somewhat less bustling metropolis. As the current alignment of the stars would have it, there are more opportunities here. And so here I stand: forging a new path out of an unmarked landscape, and penning a slight twist in my existing autobiography. The adventures have only begun.

Necklace: Century 21 / Watch: Anne Klein

Here's to old, new and undiscovered adventures. Here's to the fear of uncertainty and doubt that mounts as a result of being unstoppably passionate about something. And most importantly, here's to those who constantly love and inspire us along the way.

'Til next time blogoverse,
The Fashist

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn Hues

Though I often scorn the cold weather, I'm so thankful to live in an area that experiences all of the beautifully warm colors of this season. I love the golden orange and chocolate brown hues all around. I find them comforting. And while I certainly could wear amber and burnt orange shades to my heart's content, it's very complementary trying to coordinate your personal style with nature's seasonal colors. Rich plums and scarlet reds are ideal examples. I've seen a few within the fashion blogosphere flaunting neon yellows and greens with otherwise muted outfits. This is a trend I need to experiment with ASAP! Its brilliant!
The weather was beautiful this weekend in my neck of the woods. I had a few local errands to run today so I opted for a comfortable plum body-con dress and loose-fitting taupe suede boots. The contrast of the tight dress with the loose boot shafts made the outfit more casual and kept it from looking too "risque".

Bodycon Dress: Forever 21 / Cardigan: Express / Italian Horns Necklace: Forever 21 / Lipstick: Makeup Forever Rouge

Bracelet: Forever 21 / Studded Wrap-Around Watch: Anne Klein

Taupe Suede Boots: Boutique 9 (Nine West) / Bag: Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy

How do all of you coordinate with your surroundings?

'Til next time,
The Fashist