Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Style Series: Professional Flair-Factor - Day 3

Looking at the snowy winter landscapes from other bloggers, and hearing about the frigid air from my family in New York makes me shiver from the inside out! I can't help but be humbly appreciative that the weather in Atlanta has been so warm lately; well, warm to a native New Yorker. Even so, I admittedly miss the romantic carelessness that accompanies blizzards, a snow day, and having the excuse to take a "sick day" for the sole purpose of snuggling under warm blankets with your loved one. Throw in a toasty, crackling fire and a cup of hot cocoa (with melted marshmallows please!) and I'm sold.

This week is going to keep me a busy little working bee. And given the circumstances, the very last thing I want to worry about is accidentally putting a run in my tights or creasing my pencil skirt or button down. Typical business-wear is oftentimes just too stiff! And if a girl has to run around, she's going to have to make some minor attire adjustments.

Dress: Banana Republic / Blazer: Zara 

A cozy wool Banana Republic dress sounded perfect. Easy to move around in and requires little to no maintenance throughout the day. Now, what to wear over the dress? I didn't want to clash textures too drastically with a knit cardigan, and the boat neckline of the dress would make any cropped blazer look silly. So after slight deliberation, I put on a quarter sleeve white Zara blazer.

Necklace: Forever 21

Knee Socks: Steve Madden / Heeled Loafers: Nine West / Bag: Louis Vuitton
To ensure that my feet would endure the relentless running around, I opted for heeled loafers from Nine West. I could go on for days about how comfortable these are but I'll spare you my shoe memoirs (... at least for today ;) ). The final touch was ditching the black tights and pulling on a pair of Steve Madden knee socks. 

Now I put the question to you lovely listeners, what is your professional flair-factor?

Today my flair-factor was daring to bare... my knees! One rarely sees knee socks worn in a business environment, but the polished long blazer and loafers kept me from looking like a girl scout, and more like a lively, young professional.

Please do take a minute or so to peruse day 1 of this style series (by clicking here), and day 2 here.   :)

I hope you all had wonderful weekends. Whether your goals for this week are to be super productive, or on the contrary, to be aimlessly relaxed, I wish you all the best of luck on this Monday morning.

'Til Next Time,


  1. im a big fan of the damier ebene speedy!! it nicely compliments your outfit!:) x

  2. You look chic :)

    Wanna follow each other with GFC and Twitter?

    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  3. You look great in this outfit and I just love your shoes. Super jealous of your warm weather. I cant remember the last time it was warm enough for me to expose my knees.

  4. sure we can follow each other!
    I already follow u!
    nice pooost


  5. wow.. the weather is so nice there.. It is so much cold here.. 6 deg it seems.. anyways.. I love ur dress and how u are wearing it with those shoes and socks :)

    Thank you for ur sweet comment on my blog :) it means so much to me!! of course I'd love to follow u,, maybe u do the same..

  6. I really enjoy this look, I absolutely love the white blazer ! You are so lucky to have this weather, it is freezing in Switzerland !



  7. you are so smart, those sock is stunning. And your blazer is great, i want that one :D


  8. Thank you for your lovely comments! I love your outfit! The neclace is absolutely beautiful and the Louis Vuitton bag too! I am now your newest follower! :)

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! You look beautiful in your outfit! I think I will do a skincare video soon! Thx for the suggestion!!

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments!! I love this outfit, you're so chic :) Yes, of course we can follow each other. I'm starting xoxo

  11. loving it! I just made a post about stockings and I think its funny you just wore them too. I dont usually like stocking without a tight underneath and heels but those are moderate and the loafer style makes it work perfectly!
    Thanks for stopping by y blog and your lovely comment. Loving your blog and style for sure and I am definitely following you on GFC and Bloglovin :) hope we can follow each other!

  12. how cute! your blazer is PERFECT!!!! and i love your loafer pumps, i've been meaning to get some. your comment made my day, really!!! i'll follow you, would love if you follow me back! :)


  13. Hey! Thanx for visiting my blog and your much inspiring comment. I feel really cofident now about the local market:-)
    I like the way you collaborate your thoughts with your outfit post. You have a great sense of style and literature. Following you right away! Hope you do the same!

  14. WOW! I love the blazer and the bag <3 (I want)

    Thanks for your sweet comment darling <3


  15. Hey thaaanks for your comment :D yes i follow you of course honey <3 xx

    i hope you follow me too muah XX Esra My Beautyworld

  16. Thank you hun for your lovely comments!

    You are so cute and you have a lovely blog.

    I got a lot of questions about my body I'll do a post about Q&A :)

    Keep in touch!

  17. you look so beautiful, love the knee-socks:)
    btw. thanks for your comment x


  18. Wonderful outfit! You look great!

  19. I love this outfit, very chic. http://aprettylife13.blogspot.com/