Monday, November 21, 2011

... And the Adventures Continue

What it is about this time of year that brings about so many domestic projects? It must be the crisper weather and increased inclination to stay in-doors. Well whatever the reason, I'm appreciative! I have book shelves to paint and a huge list of DIYs to complete. Creative outlets left and right - so necessary. I'll be sure to share before & after photos. Full disclosure: seeing other blogger's DIYs has me constantly inspired to tackle my own. Hopefully my adventures mishaps can inspire others to dive head first into their own projects!
I can explain-away my current busy hands with two words: urban withdrawal. I miss everything about my concrete jungle. The most palpable point of nostalgia: My older sister/best friend. They are one in the same... well, she is. She has the purest energy of anyone I've ever met and constantly inspires me to be the best person I can be. Do all of you out there in the blog universe (blogoverse?) have a similar someone in your lives? I hope so. If not, you will some day. All in due time.

And so I create these projects for myself to keep my home-sick heart & mind from getting the better of me. Today my wonderful partner-in-crime (some would call him a "boyfriend") ran to Lowes Hardware with me (despite looming legal memo deadlines!) to pick up a few cans of Valspar paint and brushes. It was a warm autumn day and I wanted to be comfortable so I went with my usual mix of highs & lows: bodycon skirt, loose dolman sweater and my absolute favorite Jessica Simpson knee-high brown boots. I'm a HUGE fan of bodycon skirts (esp. from F21 for $6.50) because of how perfectly they accentuate one's curves. Effortlessly cool, with a dash of sexy. Not to mention, few things are more comfortable.
Jacket: Gap / Dolman Sweater & Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21

Clutch: Nine West / Rings: Forever 21
All that being said, I'm settling in quite nicely to life in a somewhat less bustling metropolis. As the current alignment of the stars would have it, there are more opportunities here. And so here I stand: forging a new path out of an unmarked landscape, and penning a slight twist in my existing autobiography. The adventures have only begun.

Necklace: Century 21 / Watch: Anne Klein

Here's to old, new and undiscovered adventures. Here's to the fear of uncertainty and doubt that mounts as a result of being unstoppably passionate about something. And most importantly, here's to those who constantly love and inspire us along the way.

'Til next time blogoverse,
The Fashist

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