Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa: Aspinal of London

Happy Friday everyone! Now that the holidays are nearing, we're occasionally reminded of our long standing, all-year-long wish lists. You know: that repertoire of luxurious goodies you've been compiling for years, only ever recorded in your wonderfully ambitious mind. Lets call it a faux Christmas list. Well, here are a few items I've been stockpiling.

Stacking bracelets is a huge trend this season and will very likely continue on into the warmer months. The above adorned cuffs are not only perfectly "stack-able" but are the ideal pop of color for any ensemble. I also found them impossibly versatile - they're casual enough to go with jeans and a T-shirt but have just enough embellishment to accessorize a cocktail dress. (All bracelets can be found here.)

And why not invest in a quality modern day briefcase? If money wasn't an object, I'd most certainly purchase this document case for those particularly busy days when I have to take work home with me. I know one soon-to-be lawyer in Boston who would rock this with the utmost poise.

These bags and clutches give a whole new meaning to the term "arm candy". We have all of the bases covered: animal print, suede, patent leather and sequin; an option for day, night, the office, the Christmas party and dinner with the girls. (All bags found here.)

And while the thought of one day fulfilling our grandest purchase-desires holds a certain level of sophistication and glamour, I revel in the rush that accompanies buying a quality piece on sale or scoring some unique treasure at an inexpensive retail store. I don't think that appreciation will ever change.

Now, I've hopefully left you all pondering your own faux Christmas lists, and the wonderful journey that will coincide with the pursuit of our somewhat frivolous dreams  : )

'Til next time dear blogosphere,

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