Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festive Philosophy

This is without question my favorite time of year. I find that my appreciation for the sentimentality of this season grows as I do. Yearning to see distant friends and dearly loved relatives is one of the most gratifying feelings. This often overlooked sensation is such a beautiful reality; having someone to miss with such intensity. Though it pains us at times, really what is life if not the collection of experiences, feelings and memories we share with those we love. And what are we if not the culmination of all those wonderful individuals who impact out souls, after which we are rarely the same... and always wiser.

I have so many golden hearted "some ones" to miss. The silver lining of this has far more of an enduring impact than the occasional heartache. I guess there goes my festive philosophy.

I'll leave you perfect listeners with my outfit for today:

Jeans & Cardigan: Express / Leopard Print Blouse: Forever 21 / Watch: Anne Klein
Having a massive amount of errands usually draws me to somewhat comfier attire; i.e. jeans and a long cardigan. Especially when said errands take place amidst the sea of frenzied holiday shoppers. The very fact that people are now under the (red and green) gun to buy gifts seems to drive the majority of shoppers mental during an otherwise normal shopping adventure.

I rarely opt for a mid-drift baring top but once on, I found the cropped cut and exposed denim waistline pretty flattering. Definitely a trend to experiment with in the warmer weather.

Booties: Payless
And last but not the least, the shoes. Believe it or not, I scored these lace-up booties from Payless a few months ago. I'm still surprised at their comfort and flexibility. I can run around in them all day without experiencing any soreness! It's discount shoe-love at its best.

'Til Next Time,


  1. sweet and I like lampard prints, it's always HOT.
    following you back , good luck with your new blog.

  2. I love the shoes! I was at Payless yesterday. Now that you told me that those shoes are quite comfortable, I might as well check on them. :)