Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fashion Stimulus: Pink Velvet McQueen

Never in a million years could I see myself seriously buying a pink, velvet satchel with gold hardware [maybe for a Halloween costume], but this little baby below makes me want to break all of my fashion rules. What I wouldn't give to see this sitting on my shelf.

Courtesy of: Alexander McQueen - The Wicca Shoulder Bag

Should anyone be interested, available for purchase in orange here and black here. I myself appreciate it for the gawk-factor. Though maybe one day in the near future ... fairy godmother anyone? Santa?  ;)



  1. The bag is indeed amazing!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. You have just managed to make me smile.

    English isn't my first language, but my second and I would love to manipulate it even better. If my words have moved even just one soul, well I think I will die happy.

    I am following you as well and hope we can keep in touch.



    PS : I think this bag is worth breaking a few rules :)

  3. amazing bag!

  4. I love the gold hardware. This is so cute!

    Where in Georgia do you live? I'm in metro Atl. Talk to me in email?

    Stay Beautiful,