Friday, December 16, 2011

Penny Loafers & a Peek-a-boo Collar

Do you all feel it? The heightened excitement winding through the air like electricity? Energy levels are soaring, laughing comes easier and eagerness builds as you anticipate your loved ones' reactions to the gifts you've hand picked for them. Things have really been looking up as of late, and the most wonderful feeling in the world is being 100% sure that the holidays are merely augmenting the joy that is already there.

Here's to growth, love and trust. And here's to those challenges and obstacles that give you the strength to forge through the rough times. I'll leave you all on that note, and with pictures of today's outfit.

Sweater: F21 / Jean Leggings: Banana Republic / Button Down: Express

Necklace: Century 21

Penny Loafer Heels: Nine West
I hope you all have wonderful weekends and get the rest of your holiday shopping out of the way. Once that's complete you can REALLY start basking in the holiday energy  ; )

'Til Next Time,


  1. You have such a polished, gorgeous style ! I really like this look : the necklace, the loafers and the shirt.

    Have a beautiful day & week-end,



  2. love this look!
    good style!

  3. Love your outfit and the necklace is gorgeous!
    I do feel it, is like you breath happiness and excitement in this time of the year <3
    thanks for stepping by my blog, your sincere comment really made me happy, I hate those "cute, follow me so I can follow you" comments XD I'm totally following you cause I love your blog :) and you have a great style and so pretty!