Monday, December 5, 2011

Fashion Stimulus: Midnight Blue Sergio Rossi

As most within the fashion blogosphere would agree, there's a fine line between couture and art. Have you ever experienced the appreciation, admiration and awe-factor that bubbles up inside of you at the thought of someone dreaming this beautiful creation up in their mind and making it the sparkling reality before your eyes? Well that my lovelies is when you know you've crossed the line into fashion-art. Not all fashion-art is particularly wearable, but don't we all have those extra special occasions every now and again?  ;)

The masterpiece below is courtesy of Sergio Rossi.

Available for purchase here.

Until the next stimuli,


  1. Wowww! So cute pair of dress shoes!
    If you like my blog and you wanna... we could followed each other! :)

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  2. Oh my goodness, they are absolutely beautiful.I would absolutely wear them. Following you :) xo