Monday, December 19, 2011

Hidden Edge: Leather Mini

One of my all time favorite style-challenges is taking a potentially edgy piece, like the leather mini below, and completely changing the tone of it by adding items of another "fashion genre". I wanted to maintain my femininity without muting the edginess of the skirt, so I paired it with a plum J Crew knit sweater and a pair of eternally classic Ralph Lauren riding boots. After initial consultation I found the outfit a bit wanting, so I strung on a spiky gold leaf bib-necklace and felt content at the mixture of spunky & polished pieces.

Sweater: J Crew / Skirt: Armani Exchange / Tights: Target

Necklace: NY Boutique

Boots: Ralph Lauren 2009
I'd love to see how all of you dress up or down edgy pieces. The fashion blogosphere really is a constant source of inspiration.

I will officially be with my family in 48 hours. The anticipation is building! And the infamous city awaits.

'Til Next Time,


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